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Why choose Us?

If you have to define us...

Understanding the constant need for human beings to feel a genuine connection with things happening around them is key for the success of any technology related company. Pixels, the DNA of the digital images, when perfected can lead to the perfect experience between users and businesses. Therefore, when pixels are humanized, what you get is Bouncing Pixels!

Why choose Us?

What we are good at...

We promise to deliver a different experience from any other digital agency. We find ourselves with new colleagues in every project we undertake. We consider ourselves as part of your company to get the essence of what makes your brands relevant and "Human". Humanization would be cloning your essence into our Pixels. Why Bouncing Pixels? We just love to see your Digital self bouncing your business to the next level!

Our Services

Web Design

We offer you our extensive knowledge of the web industry to create your online presence with the interactive design and latest technologies.

Mobile Apps

Going mobile is the trend with the fast spreading of mobile apps and games. Having you mobile presence puts on you on the edge with your competitors.

Social Media

Your online image is always important for your future client prospects, with the proper online tools, we can help you reach out to your clients and drive profit.

Our Work

Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.


The Core Of Bouncing Pixels


It is what signifies Motion and movement. We make sure the direction is only Up, Forward n' Beyond!.


It is that power which moves a little kid eating massive amounts of Sugar. We are that Sugar.


It is knowing since forever that your school system grading is just not excellent enough to evaluate your greatness.


It is when you know you have to do the right thing, even if nobody's going to give you a credit for it.


It is that little itch that scratches your brain just before you go to bed... Thus now you understand why we stay up late to blow your mind.


It is the out-of-nowhere outstanding involuntary hip movement to your favorite song that has all of your haters jealous.


We have Technical Physicians around the clock working to get you the right consultation for your Business challenges.

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